Two Lovely Gals


Melissa and Possum Melissa

I know it is annoying to be asked to for donations, but these are two good friends of mine and they are both having health issues.

This is Melissa. She’s so cute, just like the possum featured alongside her; it is her power animal. Melissa needs some help with dental bills so she can get a root canal, and she’s in constant pain everyday, going to work full time and dealing with her dental stuff which insurance won’t cover fully. I know how hard it is to get dental in the U.S. If you can spare, please donate! Even a dollar is good. Thank you so much. I really want Melissa to be ok, she’s a very cool lady and she’s a social justice advocate who really gets disability. Help turn Melissa into a healthy, happy possum.



Madison in the hospital recently

This is Madison. She is an awesome young woman, and works as a disability advocate. She really “gets” disability, as we say in Disability Studies, and is a great help to so many people. However, Madison has serious health issues. She is on her own and there is no one to support her. I have some of the same health problems that she does, and I know how debilitating they are. Madison had surgery and needs help covering living expenses like rent and food since there were some setbacks with the surgery and her savings will not cover her recovery time. Please help if you can! Even a dollar helps.



Thank you!!


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