Growing up on on both coasts, in Oregon and upstate New York, I have witnessed many differing ideologies and treatment of disabled people, and have experienced them personally. When I was 15, I spent 5 months traveling in the South Pacific with my father, and I have lived in Eugene, Oregon; Brooklyn, New York and Syracuse and Utica, New York. My background is in antiques, fine arts, historic and genealogical research, archival research, historic preservation and disability studies. I have a BA in History from Hunter College, where I focused on the Middle Ages  (400 AD – 1500 AD) and minored in archeology/anthropology, and am currently in a graduate program at Syracuse University at the School of Education, majoring in Cultural Foundations of Education and working towards a CAS in Disability Studies. I identify as Deaf and speak American Sign Language.



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  1. I just read your posting. First I just apology so for my English, I’m Latina. My son is disable. I was told from John Hopkins to not leave America, because byfar you have the best services for autistic kids. I agree, society is changing, nothing is perfect. However, I can’t stop to think that the future of many moms like me is dark. We tried to include our kids in the society that do not want them. We spend hours and hours making this happen, we are alone. Our families are broken with no money and with psychological problems. Social services put you in waiting list for 7 years to get services….7 year! I was told I could not get services because autism is not a medical condition is behavior…. This is Virginia, where senators and congressman send there kids to all inclusive schools. If the parent dies where those kiddos go?

    • Hello Laura,

      Thank you so much for writing. Services for autistic children in America can be very good. However, social services is not always the best way to go, even though for many it is the only option. Email me at katejean.pollack@gmail.com if you feel more comfortable discussing the issue with me over email,And I will see if I can find out about options for you and your son. I have a great resource at the university. You can also contact the School of Education at Syracuse University to ask. There might be better options for you and your son. 7 years is too long to wait. Autistic children grow up to go to college and be successful in America with the right resources.

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